Hi – My name is Chris and I am an Electrical Engineer from the UK. I have started this blog in order to share some of hobbies and interests. I have had an instagram account since February 2016 that’s mostly dedicated to watches, cars, whisky and cigars. It is quite heavily weighted towards watch content because I wear watches everyday but I tend to indulge my other hobbies a little less frequently. I enjoy sharing and liking photos on Instagram, there is a great community and I have made some genuine friends through it.

More recently I have started writing some watch reviews which have been published on other sites. I have enjoyed the process and the feedback I have received so I have decided to create my own blog where I can publish more reviews and other content. There will be watches, cars, whisky and cigars but also with this blog I hope to expand into other areas that interest me such as cocktail making, photography and travel.

I hope you enjoy my first foray into blogging. If you have any feedback or suggestions please get in touch.

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