What’s left to say about the Seiko SKX007?

This article was first published on Fifthwrist on March 11, 2020.

What can you say about a watch that has had so much written about it before? According to Jack Forster’s Value Proposition article for Hodinkee “It’s probably the single best value at any price point”. I don’t think you would find many people who would disagree with Jack’s view. It has also been a popular choice of watch among the modifying and customising community. Neither of those factors were my primary motivation for buying the watch however.

Last year my Grandad was diagnosed with cancer and ultimately he passed away. It is sad, but he did live an amazing life. He retired early, traveled extensively and was an accomplished recreational diver. Most of his working life was spent with Shell, developing and testing new products. During his time with them he did a couple of long stints overseas. He thoroughly enjoyed the expat lifestyle and made lots of lifelong friends. During the early 80s he lived in Japan with my Nanna and Uncle. My grandparents loved their time in Japan – the culture, the food, the artwork. They brought a lot of Japanese artwork and ornaments back to the U.K. As a child it was fascinating exploring their house, it was like a glimpse of Japan.

My Grandad was also a very practical man, who loved his tools and gadgets. His watch of choice in recent years was a blue dialed, quartz Seiko on a stainless steel bracelet. I think it was the perfect watch for him, a watch that he could wear anywhere, with any outfit, on any occasion. It was smart, functional, reliable and a little piece of Japan on his wrist.

I know my SKX007 wasn’t his watch or even the same model that he wore but every time I look at it, it reminds me of my pragmatic, Japan loving, scuba diving Grandad.

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